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Replication failure after error fixed

OpenLDAP 2.3.32 (our policy is to run STABLE unless there's a bugfix we 

Most of our sites replicate direct to each other (SyncRepl; you need to 
know that data for a country is mastered in that country), except for one 

A <-> B <-> C

A and C are masters for their data, and B is a pure slave.  For political 
reasons (i.e. it won't get fixed) A and C cannot replicate direct.

Because a schema change was not made on B, some updated data on A did not
get through.  All well and good, we fix the schema on B, and wait for the
update (we use refreshAndPersist).

Except it never happened.  Blowing away the slave on B caused it to
update (of course), except it still never reached C, until it in turn
was repopulated.

Am I looking at a replication bug?  It seems to me that once the schema
was fixed, the replication should have happened.  Or am I not 
understanding how SyncRepl works?

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