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Re: Still unable to configure glue and rwm overlay correctly


I should have mentioned that first I just checked out HEAD, then I
also tried rolling back to 1.121 of backglue.c, the changes to rwm.c
were included in both builds.

I have just checked out HEAD and recompiled again, and still seem to
have the problem that when querying on any attribute that is being
mapped and the query is against the base of the unified directory the
directory entries from the OpenLDAP subordinate bdb database aren't
included.  This also appears to be the case with the object class of a
directory entry, that is I am mapping user objects from Active
Directory into inetOrgPerson objects and I also have inetOrgPerson
objects within the OpenLDAP subordinate database, if I perform a query
against the base of the unified directory
"(objectClass=inetOrgPerson)" the entries from the OpenLDAP
subordinate database are excluded and only the rewritten entries from
Active Directory are retrieved, if I change the base the OpenLDAP
subordinate database all works correctly (although obviously this
isn't how I wish to use the system).

Would any of the debug logs from slapd be of any use to you?