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Re: Still unable to configure glue and rwm overlay correctly

Andrew Kay wrote:

On 12/17/06, Howard Chu <hyc@symas.com> wrote:
I've patched this in HEAD. This should resolve ITS#4638 and #4689.
Please test it and report back...

I hope I'm not jumping the gun here, and I imagine your above comment was directed at Pierangelo but I checked out the HEAD tag, compiled and tested with the previous configuration file.

You checked out the entire tree, or just a few specific files?

Still the directory entries in the subordinate (OpenLDAP bdb database) directory are not included when performing a query on an attribute that is rewritten and the search base is the entire directory. Again, as before if I explicitly set the base to the subordinate directory the directory entry is returned as expected.

I imagine the changes in question are 1.121 and 1.122 of:


I tried both 1.121 and 1.122 revisions.

Again, I apologise if I have jumped the gun again and thanks for you
help so far.

That's only part of the fix; you also need an updated overlays/rwm.c file (1.78).

No, you're not jumping the gun. The current HEAD code works for me in all of the existing test scenarios as well as some similar to what you described.

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