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Re: Still unable to configure glue and rwm overlay correctly

Howard Chu wrote:
It sounds like you've now run into ITS#4638, a bug in the rwm overlay. It maps the filter for searching in the first database, but doesn't restore the original value before proceeding to the next database, so it's using the wrong filter there. I usually don't touch the rwm code since Ando mainly works on it, but can take a look later.
I'm not going to fix it in the very short term; however I will, at some point (could be right after Xmas or so).

If you really need to implement exactly that, you could, at the expense of an extra layer, using back-meta instead of glue. In that case, rwm capabilities are still hard-wired in back-meta. Beware that back-meta in 2.3 may suffer from some limitations I'm fixing right now in HEAD (not committed yet, though). As soon as that's over, I'll port everything to 2.3 (it's safe, we already do in custom code derived from 2.3); it's going to be a matter of days (it __HAS__ to be ;).

Cheers, p.

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