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Re: Still unable to configure glue and rwm overlay correctly

Andrew Kay wrote:

My appologies, I was looking at the man pages online and hadn't
realised they may not be the same as 2.3.30.

After reading the documentation regarding the subordinate directive I
have updated my configuration file as follows, this is pretty much as
it was when I encountered the first problem except for the explicit
glue overlay reference added to the second, superior, database (ldap
backend).  My configuration file is now as follows:

Sorry, I think I just sent you on a wild goose chase. Your placement of the glue overlay here is actually unnecessary; what you've specified is already its default/implicit position.

You're being bitten by the bug in ITS#4615, which was only half-fixed before. The rest of the fix is now in CVS HEAD. We can probably push it out for 2.3.31.

As previously, the two databases are glued together correctly, and
entries from both are retrieved when the base is set to "ou=XYZ,
dc=xyz, dc=com" however it appears that entries from the "ou=Extranet,
ou=XYZ, dc=xyz, dc=com" portion of the directory (bdb database) are
being rewritten.  I had hoped that the explicit reference to the glue
overlay would mean that the rewriting would only occur to entries
retrieved from the remote LDAP directory, in this case a Microsoft
Active Directory server.

Is the problem that the rewrite rule is associated with the superior
database meaning that it also applies to subordinate databases, in
this case I only want it to apply to the superior database not the
unified directory as a result of the glueing?

Thanks for your help so far, appologies for not reading the correct

  -- Howard Chu
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