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Re: Question about ODBC for SQL backend with OpenLdap

On Mon, 2006-06-12 at 22:29 +0200, Antoine Reveillon wrote:

> No sorry I can't ! The list doesn't accept that I send the log because
> the mail is too long ;(  

The message gets too long if you include useless information like the
schema loading and so.  Anyway, we got to the point we needed.

>         This clearly states that the configuration of back-sql was
>         incomplete,
>         but sufficient to allow schema loading.  As a consequence, if
>         loading of
>         the schema from the database succeeded, I assume the ODBC is
>         configured 
>         correctly.
> But back-sql need configuration ?

see slapd-sql(5)

> What type of configuration ? The slapd.conf is generated automatically
> and during the installation I only set the option --enable-sql !

Well, mysql is not supported, so there's no guarantee the built-in tests
work smoothly.  Anyway, on my laptop, it appears to work like a charm,
so I insist there might be something wrog with your setup.  Since the
ODBC appears to work fine, I insist with missing/incorrect data in the

> You think that the problem comes from the dynamic module ? Because I
> always have this message : 
> WARNING: No dynamic config support for database sql.

That's __dynamic configuration__, it has nothing to do with run-time
loading.  Back-sql does not provide support for back-config, but it is
known to work either as a static or a run-time loadable module.

>         All errors occurring during bind result in invalid
>         credentials, to avoid 
>         disclosing info about the database.
> What do you mean with invalid credentials ?

Your test is failing because a bind failed, not because the ODBC was not
configured correctly.  In fact, the test client gets an "invalid
credentials" from the LDAP operation, not from the ODBC authentication.
The bind failed because the DN the client is trying to bind as does not
exist, or cannot be found.  I don't know the reason, but I'd first look
at the data in your RDBMS, and specifically at the DN colum of


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