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Re: LDBM VS. BDB on OpenBSD 3.9

> Ok, I'll bite -- which one ?  I can't seem to find anyone with truly
> up-to-date OL packages.

I've started taking a hard look at this recently, because we're going to
deploy our first live slapd-running Linux boxes relatively soon (a quarter
or two). To my surprise (relative to openldap-software conventional
wisdom) 2.3.21 packages are easy to come by. So far, I've found:

* Fedora Rawhide
* Gentoo ~x86
* Mandriva Cooker
* FreeBSD ports
* SuSE ftp.suse.com "not official update" (bonus points: 2.4alpha as well)

The catch is that, with the possible exception of FreeBSD ports, these are
all categorized "unofficial" by the vendor/project/upstream entity. But I
imagine many of these are released in the hope they get feedback, and such
feedback will go somewhere other than /dev/null. On top of that, users of
current versions are encouraged to come here anyway. So I'm not sure how
bad it may or may not be, in practice, to use the bleeding edge packages.
Does anybody out there actually do this--are there war stories?