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Re: LDBM VS. BDB on OpenBSD 3.9

On Thu, 11 May 2006, Aaron Richton wrote:

> The catch is that, with the possible exception of FreeBSD ports, these 
> are all categorized "unofficial" by the vendor/project/upstream entity. 
> But I imagine many of these are released in the hope they get feedback, 
> and such feedback will go somewhere other than /dev/null. On top of 
> that, users of current versions are encouraged to come here anyway. So 
> I'm not sure how bad it may or may not be, in practice, to use the 
> bleeding edge packages. Does anybody out there actually do this--are 
> there war stories?

I can take some credit for FreeBSD, since I keep hassling them :-)

Before 2.3.21 appeared there, they were still on 2.3.11, so I had to learn 
how to configure/build from source (an interesting exercise).  I still 
won't use their port because it uses BDB 4.3, and I've almost convinced 
them otherwise; hopefully the maintainer has been in touch with one of the 
developers by now, to confirm my argument.

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