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Re: slurpd not picking up changes

--On Friday, January 27, 2006 5:37 PM -0500 Jacob Elder <jake@trec.us> wrote:

  It used to be that if I ran "tail -f slurpd.replog," I would see a
message like "slurpd.replog: file truncated" after slurpd updated the
replicas.ÂNow the file just grows and grows. It's almost as if the
latest version of slurpd just doesn't clean up after itself.

2.2.26 hardly qualifies as the latest version..

That aside, slurpd replication worked fine for me with that release.

Make sure that the slurpd replog and the slapd replog are not the same files, or you will definitely have problems.

What does the slurpd status file show?


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