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Re: slurpd not picking up changes

There's a that from slapd that's consumed and a log from slurd that's
a log of what it's done.

On 1/27/06, Jacob Elder <jake@trec.us> wrote:
> We are running slapd 2.2.26-5 on Debian. We have a master server
> and four replicas. I am trying to figure out why slurpd.replog is growing
> so large lately. This morning we had a 600MiB slurpd.replog. I deleted
> /var/spool/slapd/replica and rebuilt the slaves manually.
> We have "replicationinterval 10" set in slapd.conf and yet the replog
> now has 14k of changes. There are no .rej files and the replicas are
> being updated successfully. What is causing the replog file to grow?
> --
> Jacob Elder