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Re: WARNING: No dynamic config support for database ldbm

Pierangelo Masarati schrieb:


That warning __IS__ harmless, I'm telling you, because it has nothing to
with the fact you haven't been able to make it work.  That warning is
going to appear as soon as you add the "database ldbm" line to
so I don't see how you could use back-ldbm without noticing that

OK, if you say so. I just made some tests with different debug levels, and on "normal PCs" I don't get that warning :)

?!? what do you mean by "normal PCs"?  That warning has been recently
introduced (I don't recall the version, it could be somewhere between
2.3.11 and 2.3.18) as a remainder that some of the backends and overlays
don't (yet) support back-config, so that people that use those components
get encouraged to adding that support.  It should appear irrespective of
the architecture.

"normal PC" = a x86 computer with a disk etc.

What I'm trying to run OpenLDAP on is a disk-less, fan-less router with only few RAM, and mipsel CPU.

If this warning was introduced after 2.3.11, this would be a reason why I never saw it before.
The latest version of OpenLDAP I'm using (besides 2.3.18 on a tiny router) is 2.3.6.


Do you mean slapadd failed or slapadd succeeded but subsequent

slapadd failed (compaining about dn2id.dbb).

OK, then I suggest you start from that; if slapadd fails, then I wouldn't
be surprised if slapd doesn't return any results.  Can you post the error
slapadd is reporting, possibly with some log (e.g. run it with -d 5 or
even -d -1 unless it gets too big)?

I already removed the "ldbm-enabled" binaries.
But, if "ldif" database appears to be too simple for me, I'll try to build with bdb support (as ldbm is a poor choice), and if the problem persists - will post results here.

Does "cd tests ; make ldbm" lead to any errors?  If it doesn't,
then back-ldbm built just fine.  If there are any errors, please report
about them.

It's cross compiling, I can't do any tests.

I'm not that familiar with cross-compiling, so there might be issues I'm
not aware of; anyway, I suggest you copy the tests to the target host and
try to run them.  It should be fine to copy the tests/ branch, the
clients/tools/, the servers/slapd/ and the servers/slurpd/ directories
with the binaries they contain (ldap* tools, slapd and slurpd

The target host has no "make" etc. binaries; it just won't run without a lot of effort.

Tomasz Chmielewski