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Re: WARNING: No dynamic config support for database ldbm

> I'm trying to build an OpenLDAP (2.3.18) server and to make it run on an
> "embedded" mipsel/uclibc device running Linux.
> After some initial hardships, I was able to build slapd + libs + utils
> etc. successfully.
> However, when I run it (slapd -d 5), I can see a warning:
> WARNING: No dynamic config support for database ldbm

It's warning you that back-ldap does not support dynamic configuration
using back-config

> I was going to use ldbm, and to make the binaries as small as possible.

Poor choice, if you start from scratch (poor choice in any case).

> In slapd.conf I have the ldbm module listed (and the files exists there
> of course):
> modulepath      /usr/sbin/openldap/
> moduleload      back_ldbm.la
> Why does slapd say this "No dynamic config support for database ldbm"
> warning?

see above.  It's harmless, as soon as you do not intend to run-time modify
the configuration of slapd.

> When I try to search anything using ldapsearch, it doesn't produce any
> results, and moreover slapd says:
> => ldbm_cache_open( "/etc/openldap/db/dn2id.dbb", 73, 600 )
> <= ldbm_cache_open NULL "/etc/openldap/db/dn2id.dbb" errno=2
> reason="unknown")
> <= dn2id could not open dn2id.dbb
> Has anyone get an explanation for that?

As I'm not psychic I can only guess.  Sorry for asking silly questions;
did you load any data into slapd?  Did you load it as root and then ran
slapd as another user?  does "/etc/openldap/db/dn2id.dbb" exist?  does any
of the portions of that path exist?


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