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Re: WARNING: No dynamic config support for database ldbm

Pierangelo Masarati schrieb:


that implements that missing feature, and likely it won't be accepted
because back-ldbm will disappear from the next minor version of OpenLDAP.

So no ldbm in 2.3.19?

I was going to use ldbm, and to make the binaries as small as possible.

Poor choice, if you start from scratch (poor choice in any case).

Anyway, I built it once again, and now use "ldif" database. At least it works (and the binary is smaller, too).

back-ldif is not intended for general usage, because of SEVERE performance
issues and likely missing features.

So far it runs fine, and performance is not that important for me.
My database ldif is 400-500 kB, so it's not that big, and there is not much traffic.

see above.  It's harmless, as soon as you do not intend to run-time
the configuration of slapd.

How can it be "not harmless", as I'm not able to add any data to the db (or fetch any existing data)?

That warning __IS__ harmless, I'm telling you, because it has nothing to
with the fact you haven't been able to make it work.  That warning is
going to appear as soon as you add the "database ldbm" line to slapd.conf,
so I don't see how you could use back-ldbm without noticing that warning.

OK, if you say so.
I just made some tests with different debug levels, and on "normal PCs" I don't get that warning :)
That's why I thought it has something to do with it.

As I'm not psychic I can only guess.  Sorry for asking silly questions;
did you load any data into slapd?

First, I copied data from the other server (as I always do with new servers) - it didn't work. Then, I tried adding data with slapadd - still without success.

Do you mean slapadd failed or slapadd succeeded but subsequent operations

slapadd failed (compaining about dn2id.dbb).

Does "cd tests ; make ldbm" lead to any errors?  If it doesn't,
then back-ldbm built just fine.  If there are any errors, please report
about them.

It's cross compiling, I can't do any tests.


-- Tomasz Chmielewski http://wpkg.org