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Re: auditlog overlay in 2.3.18

On 1/24/06 8:58 AM, Francis Swasey wrote:
Is there a reason that 2.3.18 when configured using --enable-overlays=mod builds and installs the slapo-auditlog manpage but does not build/compile/install the auditlog overlay? In fact, looking at the source in configure, configure.in, and portable.hin, I don't see any way to enable it at all.

Is there a reason it was partially removed? I can't find any discussion of this at all using google and the openldap list archives.

Let me rephrase that question... searching the cvsweb and openldap-commit archives, it looks like instead of being partially removed, that the auditlog overlay was only partially incorporated (on June 7, 2005) and has not been moved into general use. Is there a problem with using it?


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