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Re: openldap profiling tools

> Howard Chu wrote:
> >>  I did not mention it because I was looking for a general way to find
> >>  what's the bottleneck in an openldap installation. I can stress the
> >>  server and play with the configuration to find what parameters
> >>  improve performances (reduce failed authentications) but it's a long
> >>  and not so easy process. I thought that server-side performances
> >>  mesuring tools would have help in tuning the configuration with
> >>  information such as
> > It sounds like you're asking a pretty general question about code
> > profiling then, not something specific to LDAP or OpenLDAP.
> Not really, I'm just looking for a method to tune my configuration.
> I'll try the low-level profiling approach but I am not sure that the
> results will help me to configure the server :)
> I started grepping the slapd logs, maybe this will be a good starting
> point. At least I can reproduce my typical load on a test server.
> Log parsers like apache's ones (awstats, webalizer...) would be very
> interesting in such cases : number of requests, frequencies, time taken
> to answer...

If you're looking for some statistics on what is going on, check out the
monitor backend.  This is more for a view of the traffic that is hitting
openldap, not what is going on internally.

Also, Quanah has written up a nice page on how they are obtaining
statistics at Stanford.


Thanks Quanah!