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Re: Server(2.3.4) startup aborts with (openldap-2.3.4: backend.c:76: Assertion fail) (using sql-back)

Quanah Gibson-Mount writes:
> <openldap.ken@onnet.cc> wrote:
>> openldap-2.3.4: [servers/slapd/]backend.c:76: backend_init_controls:
>> Assertion `0' failed.

Here is a patch for 2.3.4:


> As I recall, this was already reported in the ITS system, and a check
> was committed to HEAD.  It should be present in 2.3.5 when that is
> released.  You may want to look at the ITS system to verify this.

The problem was not in ITS.  I've committed the patch to cvs HEAD.

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