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Server(2.3.4) startup aborts with (openldap-2.3.4: backend.c:76: Assertion fail) (using sql-back)

Good day,

Wondering if anyones experienced this.. At startup, my server exits with:

openldap-2.3.4: [servers/slapd/]backend.c:76: backend_init_controls: Assertion `0' failed.

I'm attempting to use sql-back, and have verified that my odbc datasource is working correctly, and my slapd.conf values match the datasource also. However being a new user I'm not sure whether this might be caused by an invalid setting in slapd.conf:rootdn, etc. Looking at the source (my skills are not up to par), it appears that the 'sql' type database isn't considered valid.

#A mysql database config:
database sql
suffix "cn=com"
rootdn "cn=exmaple,cn=com"
rootpw secret
dbname ldap
dbuser ldap
dbpasswd pass
subtree_cond "ldap_entries.dn LIKE CONCAT('%',?)"
insentry_stmt "INSERT INTO ldap_entries (dn,oc_map_id,parent,keyval) VALUES (?,?,?,?)"
has_ldapinfo_dn_ru no

Does anyone know what may be causing this?

Thanks in advance,