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openldap profiling tools


we are using openldap to authenticate users on our cluster (high
performance computing).
The problem we are encountering is that the server really slows down
(and sometimes freezes) when users submit big jobs (> 200 nodes). It
leads to authentication failure on some of the nodes ("You don't exist,
go away!").

I wonder if there are some tools to 'profile' openldap to see where is
the bottleneck in our current configuration (indexes, backend
configuration, acl...).

I'm also interested in any comments from administrator of such clusters
or platform with 'high' peak rates. 'high' means ~1000 request/s, can
openldap (one server) handle this  ?

Sébastien Georget
INRIA Sophia-Antipolis, Service DREAM, B.P. 93
06902 Sophia-Antipolis Cedex, FRANCE
E-mail : sebastien.georget@sophia.inria.fr