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Re: openldap profiling tools


Sébastien Georget <Sebastien.Georget@sophia.inria.fr> writes:

> Hi,
> we are using openldap to authenticate users on our cluster (high
> performance computing).
> The problem we are encountering is that the server really slows down
> (and sometimes freezes) when users submit big jobs (> 200 nodes). It
> leads to authentication failure on some of the nodes ("You don't exist,
> go away!").
> I wonder if there are some tools to 'profile' openldap to see where is
> the bottleneck in our current configuration (indexes, backend
> configuration, acl...).

run slapd in debugging mode, although debugging will decrease

> I'm also interested in any comments from administrator of such clusters
> or platform with 'high' peak rates. 'high' means ~1000 request/s, can
> openldap (one server) handle this  ?

You don't say much about OpenLDAP version, nor about your operating
system nor about database definition and memory settings, so it is
hard to give any comments .
In priciple, that is depending on your hardware and client
configuration, OpenLDAP is able to handle ~1000 connections/sec and
answer those requests in decent time. 


Dieter Klünter | Systemberatung