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2 GB filesize limit

Gentoo with a 2.6.5 kernel, glibc 2.3.3, openldap 2.1.30.  It's doing
this on 4 identical systems and 1 with a 2.6.9 kernel, so my
configuration is somehow very wrong.

System setup:  admin1 is the master and replicates out to ldap1 and
ldap2.  Directory listings are at the end of the email.

Last night, an ldap server died with the (non-exact) error unable to 
write to gdbm.  The id2entry.gdbm file was a byte below 2 Gigs.  In
subsequent testing with dd, I cannot create a file bigger than
2*1024*1024*1024 bytes.  Could someone please verify that:
a) I need to rebuild something like glibc.
b) I do not need to rebuild openldap.

Any questions or comments are appreciated.  Any suggestions are greatly
appreciated.  URL's welcome!

Things I won't do unless can prove absolutely necessary:
a) switch to bdb (will require a rebuild of openldap to bring in
whatever is necessary to make it stable, still won't solve the problem
if _that_ db ever gets to 2 GB)
b) upgrade kernel

I was able to recover the system by rsyncing the id2entry.gdbm from
the other slave and reindexing.  Here is what I have now:
total 2117264
-rw-------    1 ldap     ldap        57353 Jul  6 09:35 cn.gdbm
-rw-------    1 ldap     ldap     11165800 Jul  6 09:36 dn2id.gdbm
-rw-------    1 ldap     ldap        65545 Jul  6 09:35 gidNumber.gdbm
-rw-------    1 ldap     ldap     2147368403 Jul  6 09:36 id2entry.gdbm
-rw-------    1 ldap     ldap      2768924 Jul  6 09:35 mail.gdbm
-rw-------    1 ldap     ldap        12288 Sep  8  2004 memberUid.gdbm
-rw-------    1 ldap     ldap        12296 Jul  6 09:09 nextid.gdbm
-rw-------    1 ldap     ldap       367661 Jul  6 09:35 objectClass.gdbm
-rw-------    1 ldap     ldap        12896 Oct 18  2004 sendmailMTAAliasGrouping
-rw-------    1 ldap     ldap        12304 Sep  8  2004 sendmailMTAClassName.gdb
-rw-------    1 ldap     ldap        98313 Oct 13  2004 sendmailMTACluster.gdbm
-rw-------    1 ldap     ldap        12304 Sep  8  2004 sendmailMTAHost.gdbm
-rw-------    1 ldap     ldap      2813968 Jul  6 09:36 sendmailMTAKey.gdbm
-rw-------    1 ldap     ldap        98313 Sep  8  2004 sendmailMTAMapName.gdbm
-rw-------    1 ldap     ldap        12884 Sep  8  2004 sn.gdbm
-rw-------    1 ldap     ldap       659456 Jul  6 09:35 uid.gdbm
-rw-------    1 ldap     ldap       331888 Jul  6 09:35 uidNumber.gdbm

Once that file hits 2 Gigs though, I am dead in the water :-(

For history, I had severe stability problems when trying to use bdb
(just read-only).  It would lock up several times per day.  Switched to
ldbm and has been solid as a rock since then.
Regards...		Todd
Well, it's Karch...   --frequently heard after every amazing move he does
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