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Re: Many 'Can't contact LDAP server' errors

On Mon, 2005-06-20 at 20:55, matthew sporleder wrote:
> I think it's far more likely that red hat would attempt to sell
> support for their own directory server that they were trying to push
> at a conference recently.  :)

My fear, also :)

> If you're getting errors in sendmail and not in ldapsearches, I would
> say this sounds more like a sendmail problem than an ldap problem.

Not just sendmail but also dovecot (imap and pop), but it's very
sporadic (I haven't taken a formal survey but I'd say maybe 1 in 100
connections fail), and it's never in groups or coinciding with any other
activity on the system (well, it's really about the ONLY activity on the
system anyway).
> ... Try increasing logging.

>From what I've seen of the logging I have done on openldap I will need a
Phd in LDAP before I can wade through it all (that's a LOT of
information!) I tried doing some but got hopelessly lost. Perhaps I'll
try again.

FYI, RHEL4 uses 2.2.13, but as with everything RH, there is no simple
upgrade path to 4 from 3 (all of these machines are extremely remote
from me, and there are no useful admin's on site).

Thanks to all for the suggestions thus far, and any more are welcome!

John Duino <jduino@nateng.com>
National Engineering Technology