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Re: Deletions not propagating in multi-hop syncRepl environment

> The 2.3 provider is implemented as an overlay, so it can sit on just
> about any backend. (Come to think of it, you could even run it over
> back-ldap and turn any vendor's LDAP server into a syncrepl provider.)

Provided it supports entryCSN and entryCSN-based searches, entryUUID,
structuralObjectClass (or equivalent; in this case, appropriate mapping is
required).  I'm wondering if adding such a layer (e.g. by means of a
dedicated overlay) could be of use.

back-ldap would provide connectivity, slapo-rwm would provide remapping,
and yet another layer (slapo-muck?) could provide data mucking:
- turn objectClass values into structuralObjectClass
- turn timestamps into entryCSN
- turn any unique attribute value into entryUUID


Pierangelo Masarati

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