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Re: Deletions not propagating in multi-hop syncRepl environment

On Tue, 14 Jun 2005, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:

> > On the way home, I thought I figured out why the test works and 
> > real-life fails (I get my best ideas on the train).  The test suite 
> > does the deletion as part of "ldapmodify" along with other operations, 
> > so I reproduced that.
> >
> > And...  no, still no propagation of deletions beyond the middle stage, 
> > so whatever I'm doing is subtly different from the test suite.
> did you get down to deleting the suffix entry?

It was deleted upon the master and the replicator; there was zero traffic 
to the sub-slave (for want of a better term) based upon sniffing the 
TCP/IP traffic.

But as Howard and I agreed, this is now a dead issue.

> > I'll see if I can get my boss(es) to agree to that, as it's still 
> > Beta,
> 2.3.4 is not beta.  I may agree that there's likely a grey area between 
> the last beta and the first stable, but I've been using 2.3 betas in 
> nearly-production environments for months, and I've been designing all 
> my new projects based on 2.3 for months.

Boy, that was quick...  Yes, I see 2.3.4 is there now.  But it's not 
"stable", and I fear that that may not cut the mustard here, but I'll see 
what I can do.

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