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Re: Deletions not propagating in multi-hop syncRepl environment

> On Tue, 14 Jun 2005, Howard Chu wrote:
>> >  Probably irrelevant (to us) now, as I pointed out to Quanah.
>> Mostly irrelevant in general, I think. As I've noted a number of times
>> on this list, the 2.2 syncrepl provider code is dead, for reasons like
>> this and a few others. The 2.3 code is completely different.
> Yeah, I had a look; even slapd.conf has changed.
> On the way home, I thought I figured out why the test works and real-life
> fails (I get my best ideas on the train).  The test suite does the
> deletion as part of "ldapmodify" along with other operations, so I
> reproduced that.
> And...  no, still no propagation of deletions beyond the middle stage, so
> whatever I'm doing is subtly different from the test suite.

did you get down to deleting the suffix entry?

> And not worth pursuing...  In the time I've spent so far, I could've
> merely changed the replication agreements (and no, I'm not complaining)
> but I figured I'd further the bounds of knowledge and all that.
> [ ... ]
>> If you actually want to put syncrepl to use, you should be using
>> OpenLDAP 2.3. Even if you don't want to use syncrepl, you're still
>> better off using 2.3 because the code separation means you won't be
>> paying the performance cost for a feature you're not using.
> I'll see if I can get my boss(es) to agree to that, as it's still Beta,

2.3.4 is not beta.  I may agree that there's likely a grey area between
the last beta and the first stable, but I've been using 2.3 betas in
nearly-production environments for months, and I've been designing all my
new projects based on 2.3 for months.

> and you've already indicated that SLURP may be phased out in favour of
> SyncRepl in 2.3.


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