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Re: replication referrals

On Fri, 2005-05-13 at 14:49 -0700, Howard Chu wrote:

> >>updateref	ldap://ldap-master.wpi.edu
> >>
> >I use:
> >updatedn "cn=Manager,c=canada"
> >updateref uri="ldap://Ldaphost.my.internal.dom:389";
> >  
> >
> This updateref line is invalid. See slapd.conf(5); the example quoted in 
> the previous email is correct.
Okay, I changed it to:
updateref ldap://ldaphost.my.internal.dom

Still no luck. I know (well, I think) I had this working at one point; I
could swear I saw it actually doing to the redirect, but I cannot recall
what client I might have used to test it. The only thing I think has
changed over time in slapd.conf was the ACL's.

Could it be who I am binding to the slave as? Although, IMHO, it should
not matter.