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Re: replication referrals

On Fri, 2005-05-13 at 13:33, Allan E. Johannesen wrote:
> >>>>> "jduino" == John Duino <jduino@nateng.com> writes:
> jduino> I'm not sure if this is a misconfig on my part or my not understanding
> jduino> the tools.
> jduino> We have a master server with multiple slaves. The slurp works properly
> jduino> when we modify/change/add to the master directly (ie, it replicates to
> jduino> the slaves very quickly).
> jduino> However, if we do any of that to the slave (either with the openldap
> jduino> tools on the commandline, or via phpldapadmin which uses the php-ldap
> jduino> functions), the slave allows the update to happen directly, and thus
> jduino> never gets updated on the master nor the other slaves. Debug and
> jduino> sniffing shows no attempt at redirect/referral.
> In the replica, I have:
> updateref	ldap://ldap-master.wpi.edu
> in the database definition.

I use:
updatedn "cn=Manager,c=canada"
updateref uri="ldap://Ldaphost.my.internal.dom:389";

I have no replog nor replica lines in the slave. Converse for the
John Duino <jduino@nateng.com>
National Engineering Technology