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replication referrals

I'm not sure if this is a misconfig on my part or my not understanding
the tools.

We have a master server with multiple slaves. The slurp works properly
when we modify/change/add to the master directly (ie, it replicates to
the slaves very quickly).

However, if we do any of that to the slave (either with the openldap
tools on the commandline, or via phpldapadmin which uses the php-ldap
functions), the slave allows the update to happen directly, and thus
never gets updated on the master nor the other slaves. Debug and
sniffing shows no attempt at redirect/referral.

I have read that the openldap tools do not accept referrals, but what
should their behaviour be then? Will it fail, or will it simply press
ahead and update the slave irregardless?

Any thoughts would be appreciated!
John Duino <jduino@nateng.com>
National Engineering Technology