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Re: Sync Replication using refreshAndPersist

At 02:30 PM 5/13/2005, James Courtney wrote:
>Hey OpenLDAP folk,
>        Thanks to Howard Chu getting me over the OpenLDAP 2.2 control
>criticality bug I can now sucessfully chat with Openldap 2.2.15 using
>the Sync Replication control (,
>draft-zeilenga-ldup-sync-06.txt) through JNDI.  When I specify a mode of
>refreshOnly (mode=1) I get a nice search and a state cookie back (via
>the Sync Done Control, which I can use to
>repeat the search and get only modified items.
>Now I have two issues:

Both your issues are specific to JNDI not OpenLDAP Software,
so I won't attempt to address either of them here.  (I won't
address them elsewhere as I know little of JNDI.)  Suggest
you raise JNDI specific issues in a forum specific to JNDI.

>The Novell NDK "LDAP Classes for Java"
>Does anyone have experience with this or suggestions on how to handle
>"Intermediate Response Messages"?

IIRC, support for intermediate responses, as well as LDAP Sync,
in OpenLDAP JLDAP is on the TO DO list.  Feel free to contribute