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Re: slapcat hangs v2.2.24

Never mind. Now I can't make it fail. I did nothing to fix it. It was there for 3 days and now it's not.

I suspect something else I was running was screwing up my environment/shell or process because I was seeing other weird behavior, I just put two and two together. If/When I see that other weird behavior I will try a slapcat at that point and see, I cannot force that other behavior at the moment either, my fix there was to ^D and su again to make it go away. I couldn't even read man pages when it acted up.

I do not like unexplained anomalies, so I will pursue this.

Curt Blank wrote:

This appears to be some sort of buffer flush issue, even though I see it get to the end the last 4 entries that the debug info shows it processed are not in the output file.

I really could use some help here, this is a show stopper.

Curt Blank wrote:

I'm trying to do a slapcat and it dumps all the entries but never exits and returns the command line prompt. I put it in debug mode (-d 1) and it takes under a minute to do the dump and then just sits there. I'm pretty sure it dumped all the entries because I see the entry that is usually the last one dumped. I'm not doing anything fancy just:

slapcat -d 1 -f /etc/openldap/slapd.conf -l 20050419-1326.ldif

and the last thing it outputs after what I know is the last user entry is:

entry_decode: "cn=ldapsync,o=uwm.edu"
<= entry_decode(cn=ldapsync,o=uwm.edu)
slapcat shutdown: initiated
====> bdb_cache_release_all
slapcat shutdown: freeing system resources.

then sits there. Any ideas what is happening? I let it sit for 45 minutes one time and it never came back. I've tried it with slapd running and with it not running, same result.