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Re: OpenLDAP in 'Deutscher Bundestag' and other german governmental administrations

Hans Moser wrote:
> Pierangelo Masarati schrieb das Folgende am 07.04.2005 12:35:
>> I kindly ask you to provide a brief translation of that message, since
>> this list is intended to be in English.
> I just search for contacts to people in german government agencies to
> compare notes.
>> Moreover, does the information
>> you require have to be related to German-only  government agencies, or
>> would any European or world-wide similar organizations fit?  We have some
>> experience in deploying OpenLDAP (and other open source software) within
>> Italian government agencies, for instance.
> There are IMHO no categorical technical differences between OpenLDAP (
> OSS installations in government agencies or elsewhere. Differences
> depend on organisational and legal local conditions. Legal conditions
> for me are mainly german laws. This is why I restriced my query to
> german-only goverment agencies.

>From a discussion I had with a government agency about an OpenLDAP
deployment I learned that EU regulations are relevant (e.g. privacy
regulation, archival/history requirements). Therefore IMHO the legal
situation is at least very similar within the EU.

I can't say more since it was a first workshop about an authorization
server based on OpenLDAP. No further progress up to now.

Ciao, Michael.