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Re: OpenLDAP in 'Deutscher Bundestag' and other german governmental administrations [auf Viren überprüft]

Pierangelo Masarati schrieb das Folgende am 07.04.2005 12:35:

I kindly ask you to provide a brief translation of that message, since
this list is intended to be in English.
I just search for contacts to people in german government agencies to compare notes.

Moreover, does the information
you require have to be related to German-only  government agencies, or
would any European or world-wide similar organizations fit?  We have some
experience in deploying OpenLDAP (and other open source software) within
Italian government agencies, for instance.
There are IMHO no categorical technical differences between OpenLDAP ( OSS installations in government agencies or elsewhere. Differences depend on organisational and legal local conditions. Legal conditions for me are mainly german laws. This is why I restriced my query to german-only goverment agencies.