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Re: ldap slave master relationship

Lee Jensen wrote:

TCP is two-way.  If the master can't talk to the slave it won't work.
I'd suggest putting a new nic in the master and give it a private address
and use that network to talk between the master and slave.

Read this to learn how to setup a master/slave pair.

This may not necessarilly be accurate... The inability of the master to "talk" to the slave is perhaps just a result of the non-routable address that the slave will be using. If the slave can establish a TCP connection to the master then you should have enough for replication to occur via the syncrepl method. See the following links for more information:



Essentially the sync replication mechanism allows the client to connect
to the server and pass a cookie notifying the server of the state of
it's DIT. The server then sends changes back to the slave using standard
search result mechanisms. So if the slave can do a search on the master
it can replicate via syncrepl...

Lee Jensen

Now I've read the above links, and i still dont get it, do i use slurpd, or do i use Syncrepl, or are they the same!
also i dont know how to setup the thing, i understand the concept, but haven't got a clue on the actual implementation.
can someone help me with that please.
thanks in advance.