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ldap slave master relationship

I need to create the following scenario:
a master ldap server running openldap 2.2.13, on a Fedora Core 3 box. this server is on a real IP on the outside world with access allowed to a select few machines. now I want to create a slave ldap server on which my internal network "private network" servers will connect to, this slave will have to get the user data from the master and when ever the master updates something the slave has to take the changes, because the master cant talk to the slave put the slave can talk to the master.
is that possible, I need for the slave to pull the data, not for the master to push it.
if it can be done, how? can you direct me to a how to?

p.s: the slave will have the same configuration as the master and both will use samba to also authenticate windows machines along side Linux machines.