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Re: ldap slave master relationship

> Hi,
> I need to create the following scenario:
> a master ldap server running openldap 2.2.13, on a Fedora Core 3 box.
> this server is on a real IP on the outside world with access allowed to
> a select few machines. now I want to create a slave ldap server on which
> my internal network "private network" servers will connect to, this
> slave will have to get the user data from the master and when ever the
> master updates something the slave has to take the changes, because the
> master cant talk to the slave put the slave can talk to the master.
> is that possible, I need for the slave to pull the data, not for the
> master to push it.
> if it can be done, how? can you direct me to a how to?

TCP is two-way.  If the master can't talk to the slave it won't work.
I'd suggest putting a new nic in the master and give it a private address
and use that network to talk between the master and slave.

Read this to learn how to setup a master/slave pair.