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Re: Syncrep without sessionlog in slapd.conf


Sorry for the ambiguity, the case is I want to synrepl other master ldap. There is master ldap with openldap, the resource is close for me unless for query. So I've an idea to syncrepl but how to do it without doing any change in configuration of master ldap. So only write to my database not to the master. Hope there is a answer for this.

Howard Chu wrote:

Firman Indra Buana wrote:


Is it possible to doing syncrepl without set sessionlog n m in master slapd.conf, but only doing add an account to ldap database like syncrepl3.

I'm sure I have no idea what you're really asking, but here's a partial answer - the sessionlog is an optional feature. The replication mechanism is supposed to work without the sessionlog, but using the log may make some replication phases more efficient.