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Re: SyncRepl provider failure, ITS 3534 and 3546

> Thank you Howard for the information.  One more question for y'all:
> Given the below discussion, what is the current recommended
> configuration for an enterprise environment, including (at a minimum)
> replication, GSSAPI, and TLS?  Should I be running 2.2.23 with slurpd,
> 2.2.23 + patch referenced below with syncrepl, 2.3, or something else?
> I know this question is rehashed often, but I haven't heard anyone ask
> about 2.2.23 + Syncrepl with regard to this bug.  Should syncrepl really
> just be avoided throughout the 2.2.x series, and 2.2.23 run with slurp
> for greatest stability?

We use GSSAPI, TLS, and SyncREPL with 2.2.23 and haven't noticed any
major problems.  If the master bounces the SyncRepl consumers don't seem
to resume until they are bounced, but other than that it has been
stable.   We run a couple of comparisons between all the replicants and
the master at night and haven't found an out-of-sync entry in months.

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