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SyncRepl provider failure, ITS 3534 and 3546

I am running into the SyncRepl provider failure discussed in ITS 3534
and 3546, using OpenLDAP 2.2.23.  Based on those discussions, it seems
there are 4 options:

1)  Apply a patch listed in 3546, which will fix this particular
problem, but will revert to the resource leak described in ITS 3448.

2)  Upgrade to 2.3.x, which is labelled as alpha (which I assume means
unfit for production)

3)  Downgrade to ~2.2.17 which did not seem to have this problem, but of
course is lacking other patches included in 2.2.23

4)  Use Slurp for replication instead of SyncRepl (SyncRepl has worked
fine for me 2.2.6 through 2.2.19, for 2 replicas).

Of course, I am hoping for unlisted option 5) "Upgrade to 2.2.24, which
would include a fix for this problem", but of course I understand that
2.2.23 is frozen, and that this fix may require much effort.

So, since I am not qualified to write this fix myself, which of the
above 4 options is the recommended path?

Thank you,

Matthew J. Smith
University of Connecticut ITS
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