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Re: ldap backend automatic remote schema load

Selon Pierangelo Masarati <ando@sys-net.it>:

> Sure.  I haven't thought of the implications of such an operation. 
> I
> wouldn't use it by default in back-ldap, I'd rather move it to an
> overlay, so maybe it can be used also by back-meta and more (Still
> thinking about how to feed it the remote server's URI and so) that
> implements only the bi_db_open() hook (I expect all the local schema
> definitions to be loaded at that time).  I think in any case your
> patch
> would be welcome, at least as a basis for discussion.  Please feel
> free
> to submit it thru the ITS.

In fact it is not implemented in back-ldap, but in the frontend of
OpenLDAP, at the same level than reading schema files. So it can be used
not only for back-ldap and back-meta but for other backends too (for
example to synchronize the schema of slave directories with the schema
of the master).
In any case, you can find it in ITS#3429.

Raphael Ouazana.