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ldap backend

Hi all,

I'm trying to use the ldap backend with the following scenario:
one slapd instance which already works properly using syncrepl is
listening on localhost port 10389.

A second slapd instance using the ldap backend using this config:

modulepath      /usr/lib/openldap/modules
moduleload    back_ldap.la
# moduleload    back_meta.la
# moduleload    back_monitor.la
# moduleload    back_perl.la

loglevel -1

database        ldap
suffix          "o=My Test,c=de"
uri             "ldap://localhost:10389/";
binddn          "cn=replica,o=My Test,c=de"
bindpw          "secret"
lastmod         off

The problem is that i get the following error message:
Dec  7 16:09:48 server1 slapd[24458]: /etc/openldap/slapd-ldap.conf: line
11: suffix DN is invalid
Dec  7 16:09:48 server1 slapd[24458]: slapd shutdown: freeing system
Dec  7 16:09:48 server1 slapd[24458]: slapd stopped.

I also tried suffixes without spaces, doesn't matter.

How can I find out what's wrong here?

Stephan Dühr
dass IT GmbH