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query takes a large amount of cpu


I have a question concerning my openLDAP
implementation.  I have recently moved to ldap for all
authentication.  On the client side I am using Padl
nss_ldap 226 and the server is 2.2.17.  I have
populated the directory with all the account
information adn setup equiality indices objectclass,
cn, uid, etc.

Now the issue, if I run the search (no nscd):
ldapsearch -x -h ldap01 -b "o=test.com"

in a while 1 loop, I will end up eating 50% of a dual
3.0Ghz server (8G RAM).  

The reason for this test, is it mimicks part of our
regression system that traverses literally thousand
different uid/gid innumerating the tests.

So my question is, how can I speed up the test (it
takes for ever compared to NIS) and how can I reduce
the hit on cpu (if I launch this twice, the machine is
completely hosed).

Thanks for the help!

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