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ldap backend automatic remote schema load

Raphaël Ouazana-Sustowski wrote:

>Selon Pierangelo Masarati <ando@sys-net.it>:
>>I guess one feature we
>>could add to back-ldap is the capability to download the schema (or
>>required bits of it) from the remote server at startup, if available,
>>and add the missing items to the internal schema structure.
>I have done a patch which download the schema at startup. It seems to
>work currently at least with OpenLDAP 2.1, 2.2 and Sun Directory 4.16
>and 5.2.
>Of course it still needs some work because it is based on OL 2.2.6 and
>uses some hacks to make it compatible with Sun.
>Maybe we can continue this discussion on openldap-devel ?
Sure.  I haven't thought of the implications of such an operation.  I
wouldn't use it by default in back-ldap, I'd rather move it to an
overlay, so maybe it can be used also by back-meta and more (Still
thinking about how to feed it the remote server's URI and so) that
implements only the bi_db_open() hook (I expect all the local schema
definitions to be loaded at that time).  I think in any case your patch
would be welcome, at least as a basis for discussion.  Please feel free
to submit it thru the ITS.


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