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Re: ldap search problem

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Karolis Dautartas wrote:
| hi,
| I am running an email server with it's user DB stored in LDAP.
| I am writing to this list because I believe my problem is related to
| LDAP, not the email software.
| The problem in general is very simple. Sometimes LDAP searches return
| 0 results, although they should definately return exactly 1 result.
| When this happens, a POP3 user auth would fail and he would be asked
| for a new password.
| I have noticed, that these search failures are related to other
| activity on the server. Say if I am running a "make all" command in
| PHP directory, LDAP would not be able to perform searches. The server
| load isn't at all high at these moments - around 0.7 or so.
| Has anyone experienced anything like this, and what are possible
| solutions?
| I am using Fedora and openldap-2.1.29-1 RPM version.

We can't give any advice (besides "don't compile software on production
servers") without more detail. Your slapd.conf would be a start (of
course, remove the rootpw from it if necessary).

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