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Re: Parsing Debug Output

On Oct 19, 2004, at 2:29 PM, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:

Just what you describe above:
        StartTLS, Bind, Search, Bind, Unbind

Okay, so I'm not hallucinating. Courier-IMAP is *not* fetching any data from the directory after the second bind and before the final unbind?


As the client is only doing (for the first connection):
        Bind, Search, Bind, Unbind

here, I don't see why you are very curious.  Maybe you are confused
because the log contains information about more than one connection.

No, just because there is some stuff between the bind and the unbind and I couldn't tell if it was perhaps something I couldn't recognize. Mostly I was asking as a sanity check.

You can repeat the operations using ldapsearch(1) to see if the
results are as you would expect.  Whether the results are
as Courier-IMAP expects is a topic for another list....

Quite so. I need to go back to the Courier-IMAP mail list to see if I can get some relief there.

Thanks for the reply, I very much appreciate it!