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Re: Parsing Debug Output

David Wheeler wrote:

On Oct 18, 2004, at 6:04 PM, Howard Chu wrote:

The slapd log you posted indicates that slapd received a TLS close request from the client. You won't find any further information to diagnose this in the slapd log, it's a question of why the client (courier-imap) sent the close request. The fact that slapd received the TLS alert signifying a close indicates that it was a graceful, intentional close request from the client.

Interesting. Thank you, Howard.

Tell me, could you tell from the log I sent whether the client got all of the information it requested from the LDAP server, or if it even requested any other information (such as the value of an attribute) before unbinding?

Looking back, the original log you posted has everything between the Bind and the Close trimmed out, so no other conclusions can be drawn.

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