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Re: Parsing Debug Output

On Oct 18, 2004, at 7:09 PM, Howard Chu wrote:

Looking back, the original log you posted has everything between the Bind and the Close trimmed out, so no other conclusions can be drawn.

D'oh! Sorry, let's try again. Here is the complete output of an attempt to authenticate from Courier-IMAP:


It appears to me that the "postfix" user authenticates successfully, find the "theory" user, and then re-athenticates as the "theory" user. After that I can't tell what happens. Here is another log where I try again, but without TLS:


Given that you're saying that the client is unbinding, I'm very curious as to what it's doing before unbinding. If it's just not finding the attributes it needs, well, perhaps I need to ask the Courier-IMAP people about my configuration settings again.

Many thanks,