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Re: Parsing Debug Output

At 10:07 PM 10/18/2004, David Wheeler wrote:
>On Oct 18, 2004, at 7:09 PM, Howard Chu wrote:
>>Looking back, the original log you posted has everything between the Bind and the Close trimmed out, so no other conclusions can be drawn.
>D'oh! Sorry, let's try again. Here is the complete output of an attempt to authenticate from Courier-IMAP:
>  http://www.kineticode.com/code/courier-imap-ldap-tls.log
>It appears to me that the "postfix" user authenticates successfully, find the "theory" user, and then re-athenticates as the "theory" user. After that I can't tell what happens. Here is another log where I try again, but without TLS:

Just what you describe above:
        StartTLS, Bind, Search, Bind, Unbind

>  http://www.kineticode.com/code/courier-imap-ldap.log
>Given that you're saying that the client is unbinding, I'm very curious as to what it's doing before unbinding.

As the client is only doing (for the first connection):
        Bind, Search, Bind, Unbind

here, I don't see why you are very curious.  Maybe you are confused
because the log contains information about more than one connection.

>If it's just not finding the attributes it needs, well, perhaps I need to ask the Courier-IMAP people about my configuration settings again.

You can repeat the operations using ldapsearch(1) to see if the
results are as you would expect.  Whether the results are
as Courier-IMAP expects is a topic for another list....