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Re: Problem during installation

oops, sorry did'nt see that answer, forget my previous post ...

Howard Chu wrote:

Jehan PROCACCIA wrote:

I've already mentioned that problem a few weeks ago ... here's a short workaround, but below I repost my question which had'nt been answered ...

The question was answered, you must have missed it:

The change was made to make sure that the version of the BDB header file used at compile time matches the BDB library that is found at runtime. This change ensures that when configure runs successfully, the resulting binary will also run. Obviously this means that when your dependent libraries (such as libdb) are not in the system default locations, then you must provide the proper environment variable settings to make the configure script succeed.

short solution:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=path_of_bdb_libs

My previous post:


I'am building my own relocatable RPM package of openldap 2.2.15, and I noticed that the configure script couldn't anymore check the BDB package version . Indeed my package (as Redhat/Fedora packages do ) include it's own version on BDB (4.2.52) to keep beeing system indepedent about BDB version.
Everything worked fined before (in 2.2.14 at least !) but since 2.2.15 I concluded that the conftest binary needs to be told where is the embeded BDB libraries, in short I added LD_LIBRARY_PATH=../db-4.2.52/build-rpm/.libs/ before running "test -s conftest${ac_exeext} && (./conftest; exit) 2>/dev/null" at line 19291 in configure script .
If not, configure ended with :
configure: error: Berkeley DB version mismatch

What changes between 2.2.14 and 2.2.15 causes this to happen ? is it normal or there's an error in 2.2.15 configure script ?