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Re: back-sql insert: entry at root denied

> >> Another approach I'm considering, based on the usage many people I 
> >> assume are doing of back-sql, is to provide a "fake" in-memory suffix 
> >> entry, with the rest of the database being flat and based on a single 
> >> view for the rest of the entries.  Something much like the good old 
> >> back-passwd...
> > I'll put this on the "short back-sql todo list" for view users... in 
> > the meanwhile, I suggest not to use HEAD code, or subtree searches 
> > with nonexisting baseobject will fail.
> This is now in HEAD; read slapd-sql(5) for details on how to set up the 
> baseObject so that it doesn't need to be actually stored in the 
> database.  Make sure the view sets each entry's parent to 0.  The 
> allow_orphans is no longer required (I might remove it at some point) 
> but everything now likely needs to be rooted at the baseObject.

If someone wants a rather 'advanced' example of how to go about using views and
unions to satisfy back-sql, I have one available at -

It provides a recipe for publishing OpenGroupware's contact database from
PostgreSQL to LDAP via OpenLDAP's back-sql.