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Re: LDAPI documentation (was Re: Graphical LDAP clients with SASL support)

Kevin <openldap@gnosys.biz> writes:

> On Sunday 07 March 2004 05:46, Tony Earnshaw wrote:

> What's a good source of documentation on ldap and unix 
> domain sockets?  I see it mentioned, but only briefly 
> in the slapd man page.

man connect(2), man socket(7), apropos socket, apropos pipe.

>I find only one mention of ldapi in the OpenLDAP 
> Administrator's Guide and it's not explanatory.
> I find no mention of it at all in the FAQ-O-Matic, and 
> no explanatory mentions of it by searching the list 
> archives.

I fact, it is a named pipe and as that ldapi is addressed as a file,
but the slashes have to be escaped (depending on OpnLDAP version), an
example: ./slapd -h "ldap:/// ldapi:///"
ldapsearch -H ldapi://%2fvar%2frun%2fldapi

According to a note on openldap-devel mailinglist, you may write the
path without escaped slashes.


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