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Graphical LDAP clients with SASL support

Hi All-

This may be a FAQ, but I don't see it in the 
FAQ-O-Matic, nor in the OpenLDAP Administrator's 

Now that Howard has cleared up my misconception 
regarding Kerberos and LDAP, I think I'm on my way, 
but one thing that would help immensely is having a 
graphical LDAP Directory browser client that 
understands SASL (either with or without SSL/TLS) 
authentication mechanisms.

I've tried GQ and it doesn't support SASL mechanisms.

I've tried JXplorer and though it claims to support 
SASL mechanisms, it apparently only does so with an 
SSL encrypted connection.  In the Connect dialog, 
there is a "Security" section with "Level" options of 
Anonymous, User + Password, SSL + Anonymous, SSL + 
User + Password, and SSL + SASL + Keystore Password.

I'd like to have the option of authenticating to the 
LDAP server with SASL/GSSAPI using a graphical client 
as I do with the command-line ldapsearch client.  
Anything that does this?

Googling turns up some others like phpLDAPadmin, and 
LDAPExplorerTool, but there's nothing on whether or 
not they support SASL authentication mechanisms.